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BIFMA Certification Consultant


BIFMA Certification Consultant

Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers

BIFMA Certification  is the not-for-profit trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers. Since 1973, BIFMA’s role has been to sponsor the development and refining of current and future standards, educate on their importance and application, and translate their necessary complexity into more easily understood and implemented formats. It also monitor the state of the industry, serve as a forum for member cooperation and collaboration, interact with international counterparts, and advocate for regulatory conditions that foster value and innovation.


What is BIFMA Certification:

BIFMA – Business and Institutional Furnitures Manufacturers Association is an organisation which develops standards for institutional / office furniture. BIFMA was founded in 1973. BIFMA’s standards are recognised worldwide & these standards has been accepted & implemented by most of furniture gaints   

Now BIFMA certification is accepted as parameter of furniture quality & safety worldwide


Why BIFMA Certification

To evaluate the safety, durability and structural suitability of general purpose office furniture


What benefits BIFMA Certificaiton brings to business:

  • Sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Durability and strength.
  • Recyclability and recycled content.
  • Chemical content and emissions.
  • Overall quality.
  • Flammability and electrical components.

BIFMA certification is applicable to:

Institutional and commercial furniture industry

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