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Safety Training

Introduction to Safety Training:

 Keeping your organization and workers safe can be challenging, regardless of the size or type of Workplace safety training is a process that aims to provide your workforce with knowledge and skills to perform their work in a way that is safe for them and their co-workers.


What is safety training:


Safety training describes the set of activities aimed at providing workers with the knowledge and skills to perform their duties safely and effectively. This type of training seeks to inform persons of the hazards and risks associated with various work activities and instructs them on how to identify, report, and address workplace incidents.


Why safety training:

  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirement;
  • Creating awareness about the surroundings;
  • Reduce workplace stress;
  • Use tools appropriately;
  • Keep crisis exits which are easily accessible;
  • Update about the unsafe conditions;
  • Reduce Workplace Environment Stress;
  • Wear the right safety equipment’s;

What are the benefits of imparting training:


  • ·        Reduce Accidents and Injuries;
  • ·        To retain talent by creating confidence;
  • ·        Make team more productive
  • ·        Protect from litigation and reputation;
  • ·        To save money;
  • ·        Reduce Stress;
  • ·        Encourage communication. 

What are the various safety training required:


  • Behavioral Based Safety;
  • Defensive Driving & Road Safety;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Comprehensive Project & Construction Safety;
  • World Class Safety & Modern Safety practices;    
  • Safety Ownership;
  • Safety Culture Work Shop;
  • Manual Handling and Chemical Safety;
  • Forklift Safety;
  • Developing HSE Case;
  • Emergency preparedness and Disaster management;
  • Accident Investigation and Analysis;
  • Work Permits;
  • Noise induced hearing loss;
  • Fire Prevention programs;
  • HAZOP Studies and Training;
  • Process Safety Programs.


Who require Safety Training:


Managers, Supervisors and workers, it includes everybody in the organozation.

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