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ISO 22000 Certification

iso 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification 

Introduction – Food Safety Management System (FMS):

Food producers need to manage the safety of their products irrespective of the size of their operations, and variety of products. The final goal is the health and well-being of the consumers. Unsafe food may have disastrous consequences.  By implementing  ISO 22000 Certification can identify and control food safety hazards. ISO 22000 are applicable to all types food in offers a reassurance across the food supply chain. So,  it brings not only quality food, but also leads to brand loyalty and trust generation.

Food Safety Management Systems defines and helps to do away with food safety hazards and ensures a system of safe food consumption


Why to have Food Safety Management System 

The  FMS are defined and established. A blueprint or road map is put in place with focus on control over food safety hazards and offer  safe food.


Key potential benefits in ISO 22000 Certification Implementation

  • Food safety incidents and cost are reduced
  • Codex HACCP is complied with
  • Far lesser liabilities
  • Lesser customer complaints
  • Products & processes are in continual improvement
  • Scope for complete resource optimization, internal and external
  • The food safety performance is maximized
  • Customer confidence is enhanced
  • A dynamic platform to manage, control and improve
  • ISO 22000 Certification gives competitive advantage
  • International trade in food products is made easy
  • Greater overall performance assured

ISO 22000 Certification Standard applicable to

ISO 22000 Certification: is applicable to the management and processes of food chain. This includes all the stakeholders like

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Food catering Companies
  • Coffee shops
  • Food Drive inns
  • Food Trucks
  • Dairy Companies
  • Ice cream Companies 
  • feed producers,
  • primary producers,
  • food manufacturers,
  • Food transport
  • Food storage operators.

Also Food management system applicable to food subcontractors, warehousing and distribution centers, retail stores and food services. There are also the personnel and institution related to manufacturing of food industry equipment, packaging, cleaning products, additives and ingredients.

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