Smartedge Consulting is one of the reputed multi-disciplinary consulting companies in Hyderabad, India. Being established in 2008, we have a successful service history for more than a decade with a team of skilled and experienced professionals from various industrial sector backgrounds.

We always cater to the timely needs of our clients and offer prompt/sincere services.

We have presence not only in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh but also certain areas of Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra States. To our credit, we have vide customer list covering Agri and Food, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods and Retail, Education, Energy, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Transport and Logistics, Mining, Engineering, IT sectors etc.

We look at the aspirations and goals of our customer are the inputs to start with consulting process.

Why Choose a Consultant:

Consultant selection is a crucial process for any organization. Implementation of certification standards needs industry exposure besides sound understanding on the requirement. Consulting process involves in understanding different industry environment, challenges and competence levels. It is not only customizing a document and advising companies to implement. It should address relevance of activities and implementable situations.

Smartedge has a team of experts from different industry back with hands on implementation experience and proven record of successful completion.

It helps companies in building a management, seek commitment and support for the effective implementation to reap the business benefits. Once the basic intent of the organization is achieved, this can get formal recognition through certification, which helps in promotional and contractual situations to avoid entry barriers.

Why ISO Standards?

Management System Standards are strategic tools and guidelines to help organisation tackle some of the challenges of today’s competitive business. They ensure that business operations and processes are as efficient as possible, enhance productivity and help organisations access new markets.

Benefits to benefits:

  • Cost savings – Management system Standards optimise operations and therefore improve the the effectiveness and efficiency of processes
  • Increased customer satisfaction – Management system Standards help improve quality, increase customer satisfaction and sales
  • Access to new markets – Management system Standards help prevent barriers in business and open up new markets
  • Enhanced market share – Management system Standards help increase productivity, efficiency and competitive advantage
  • Environmental benefits – Management system Standards help improve impacts on the environment and enhance interested parties satisfaction

Benefits To stakeholders:

  • Management (Ensuring the consistency of product and services)
  • Employees (Clear about their roles and responsibilities and expectations)
  • End Customer (Receive product/service on time and reliability of the source)
  • Supply Chain (Control of the supply chain and issues can be resolved and contingency plans be in place)
  • Statutory and Regulatory (compliance with applicable requirements)

Some of our prestigious clients are:

Nagarjuna Group, Biological E Limited, EISAI Pharmaceuticals India Pvt.Ltd, Vantech Chemicals Limited, Orient Cement Limited, The India Cements Limited, Renewsys India Pvt.Ltd, Harsco India Pvt.Ltd, Parasakti Cement Pvt.Ltd., MYK Laticrete India Pvt.Ld, Myhome Constructions Pvt.Ltd, NSL Krishnaveni Sugars Ltd., Madhucon Sugar and Power Industries Ltd., Sneha Farms Pvt.Ltd, SH Protein Foods Pvt.Ltd,. 3F Fuji Foods Pvt.Ltd., Cargill India Pvt.Ltd.,Pidilite Industries Ltd., and Ion Exchange India Pvt.Ltd., etc.

As a diligent Consulting company, Smartedge undertakes other activities also like Inspections, Safety improvement initiatives for multi storied buildings, schools, hospitals, malls and manufacturing companies, and energy efficiency improvements.

Smartedge also provides various training in Applied 5S, TPM & ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 internal auditor.